Diagnostic Tests

Test Name Price Add to Kit
AFB rapid cultureby Bactec Bone Marrow Rs.900.00
AFB smear examinationFluorescence MicroscopyUrine Rs.450.00
Amylase Ascitic Fluid Rs.450.00
Antibiogram – MTBStreptomycin Rs.2,000.00
APA-IgMPhospholipid Antibody Rs.900.00
Blood GroupABO & Rh Typing Rs.200.00
CEA Carcino Embryonic Antigen Rs.700.00
Cortisol-4PM Rs.550.00
Culture & Sensitivity,Aerobic /Anaerobic Blood Pediatrics1 peds+ & 1 Anaerobic Plus Rs.1,500.00
Culture & Sensitivity, Aerobic bacteria Throat Swab For C.diptheriae Rs.800.00
Cytology (Non-Gyn) CSF Conventional method Rs.1,000.00
E test for MIC Rs.500.00