Diagnostic Tests

Test Name Price Add to Kit
ADA Adenosine Deaminase CSF Rs.550.00
AFB smear examination Fluorescence Microscopy Bal & other Respiratory samples Rs.400.00
Albumin Serum Rs.200.00
Antibiogram – MTB Moxifloxacin Higher Dose Rs.2,000.00
Antibiogram- MTB Capreomycin Rs.2,000.00
Bacterial Meningitis Panel Single antigen Serum/CSF Rs.1,000.00
CA-72.4 Rs.1,450.00
Chylomicron Qualitative Urine Rs.250.00
CRP C Reactive Protein Rs.475.00
Culture & Sensitivity, Aerobic bacteria Eye Samples Rs.800.00
Culture & Sensitivity, Anaerobic Bactec Bone Marrow Rs.900.00
Cytology (Non-Gyn) Peritoneal washings Conventional method Rs.1,000.00