Diagnostic Tests

Test Name Price Add to Kit
AFB rapid culture by Bactec Bone Marrow Rs.900.00
AFB smear examination Fluorescence Microscopy Urine Rs.450.00
Amylase Ascitic Fluid Rs.450.00
Antibiogram – MTB Streptomycin Rs.2,000.00
APA-IgM Phospholipid Antibody Rs.750.00
Bleeding Time & Clotting Time Rs.250.00
CBC Haemogram Rs.250.00
Coomb’s Test, Indirect Rs.550.00
Culture & Sensitivity Aerobic/Aerobic Blood set 2 Aerobic Rs.1,500.00
Culture & Sensitivity, Aerobic bacteria Stool Rs.800.00
Cytology Second opinion slides Rs.1,000.00
DNA (Double Strand) Antibody By IFA Rs.1,500.00