Diagnostic Tests

Test Name Price Add to Kit
Absolute Lymphocyte Count Rs.250.00
AFB rapid cultureby Bactec MGIT CSF Rs.900.00
AFB smear examinationZN StainUrine Rs.350.00
Antibiogram – MTBClofazimine Rs.2,000.00
Antibiogram MTB panel D2nd Line (4 Drugs) KEPO Rs.5,200.00
Bacterial Identification & Susceptibility Pure Culture Rs.800.00
CA-15.3 Rs.1,050.00
Cholesterol-HDL Direct Rs.250.00
Creatinine Clearance test Rs.450.00
Culture & Sensitivity, Aerobic bacteriaCSF Rs.800.00
Culture & Sensitivity, Aerobic/Anaerobic Blood set standard1 Aerobic + 1 Anaerobic Rs.1,500.00
Cytology (Non-Gyn) Other Fluids / Scraping Conventional method Rs.1,000.00