Diagnostic Tests

Test Name Price Add to Kit
Absolute Eosinophils Count Rs.250.00
AFB rapid culture by Bactec MGIT Urine Rs.900.00
AFB smear examination ZN Stain Tissue and biopsy samples Rs.350.00
Anti HCV Rs.550.00
Antibiogram MTB panel C 1st Line (5 drugs) SIRE+PZA Rs.2,800.00
ASO titre Quantitative Rs.550.00
C3 Complement-3 Rs.600.00
Chlorides Rs.200.00
CPK, Total Rs.350.00
Culture & Sensitivity, Aerobic bacteria additional sensitivity Rs.550.00
Culture & Sensitivity, Aerobic bacteria Urine Rs.800.00
Cytology (Non-Gyn) Pleural Fluid Conventional method Rs.1,000.00