Diagnostic Tests

Test Name Price Add to Kit
Routine ExaminationStool Rs.200.00
TB PCRBAL and other respiratory samples Rs.1,900.00
Toxoplasma-IgG & IgM IgG & IgM Antibody Rs.1,150.00
Vitamin D Total-25 Hydroxy Rs.1,450.00
Absolute Eosinophils Count Rs.250.00
AFB rapid culture by Bactec MGIT Urine Rs.900.00
AFB smear examination ZN Stain Tissue and biopsy samples Rs.350.00
Anti HCV Rs.550.00
Antibiogram MTB panel C 1st Line (5 drugs) SIRE+PZA Rs.2,800.00
ASO titre Quantitative Rs.550.00
C3 Complement-3 Rs.600.00
Chlorides Rs.200.00