Diagnostic Tests

Test NamePriceAdd to Kit
Routine Examination Synovial FluidRs.800.00
TB PCR Body FluidRs.1,900.00
Toxoplasma-IgM IgM AntibodyRs.600.00
VRE Screen Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci perianal swabRs.800.00
Absolute Lymphocyte CountRs.250.00
AFB rapid culture by Bactec MGIT CSFRs.900.00
AFB smear examination ZN Stain UrineRs.350.00
Antibiogram – MTB ClofazimineRs.2,000.00
Antibiogram MTB panel D 2nd Line (4 Drugs) KEPORs.5,200.00
Bacterial Identification & Susceptibility Pure CultureRs.800.00
C4 Complement-4Rs.600.00
Chlorides Urine 24HRs.250.00