Aspira Check Interpretation Table

Use the following table to understand sections that need improvement and recommended straegies for improving performance in it.

SectionScoreInterpretationRecommended Strategies
Strategic Planning>450You have excellent health management planning in placeYou are doing great in this section. Goals are being set and a clear strategy to achieve them is in place.
350 to 450The structure is in place but there are some elements that are missing in it.Most often organization do not set specific goals. Please review the process of goal setting in your organization.
<350Many elements of the strategic planning need to be addressedA complete review of the present system and active involvement of top management is necessary.
Organizational Support>250You already have established policies and communication mechanism in place.Keep up the good work.
150 to 250Few elements need to be addressed to make the health management system work.Address policies related to employee's health. Also, some focus on providing facilities to promote health may be necessary.
<150Address Policies, Provide Facilities and Involve People.
Programs>450You have excellent program management system in place.Keep up the good work.
325 to 450Elements like including risk based diagnostics and communication from management need to be looked at.Programs are the key in the implementation of a comprehensice health management system. Please focus on the missing links in your planning process.
<325Clear programs need to be identified and worked onFocus on few small goals, create programs for it and implement them with rigor. That's the best approach.
Integration>100You already have an integrated program to manage employee healthKeep up the good work.
80 to 100Few elements need to be addressed to make the health management system work.Most often benchmarking with your peers and addressing work-life balance is the missing link.
<80The programs in your organization seem to be on a campaign basis without any clear link between any two.Please go back to the drawing board and have a look at how your programs connect with your Vision.
Participation Methodologies>400You clearly have a good communication plan and have involved people in the programs at all levels.Keep up the good work.
275 to 400Few elements need to be addressed to involve people in the programsMost often the missing link is leadership, measurement and incentive system. Look into these factors.
<275The system is not in sync with expectations of the employeesLook at various elements like Leadership, Metrics, Involvement, Incentives etc.
Measuring effectiveness of Programs>200You have set metrics to track the performance of the programsKeep up the good work.
150 to 200You need to address certain elements of the health management systemCapture data. Share it with top management at regular intervals.
<150Many of the elements are not addressed in your health management systemYou have your hands full. Set the right metrics. Capture data. Analyze data. Share insights with top management
Program Cost>80You have already captured all elements in budgeting for the health management systemKeep up the good work.
60 to 80You may not be budgeting for all the costs that need to be addressed in the health management systemPlease work out your cost-benefit analysis from the previous programs to gain insights to improve your performance.
<60Most often cost related to tests and consultation is captured but the impact of the investment on the improvement in healh of the employees is not tracked. This leads to lesser sponsorship by top management for health initiatives.Address all elements of costs and set measurement system to capture benefits of the programs in tangible terms.