Body Signs You must not Ignore

Body Signs You Can’t Ignore

Your body is your litmus test as it helps detect diseases early in their origin.

Know the difference between a healthy and non-healthy body parts depending on color. We have identified 18 Body signs which give you a very early indication if there is any problems within your symptoms

What your body is trying to tell you – 18 signs you can’t ignore

Did you know our bodies give us warning signs of bad health long before we get diagnosed with potentially life-threatening illnesses?

Physical signs and symptoms are often ignored, your body will tell you more about your health than anything, we have identified the 4 key body areas where you need to focus on its signs and underlying frequent, and sometimes mysterious, symptoms.


Every person’s tongue is unique, with distinct characteristics that reflect their inner health.The shape, colour, and texture of the tongue can all indicate digestive issues and body imbalances.

So, what does your tongue say about your health?

A Red tongue indicates heat in the body which could be due to fever, hormonal imbalance or Vitamin B12 deficiency.

A Pale tongue is a sign of lack of energy or blood indicating a weak immune system or bad menstrual health.

A Purple tongue with black spots indicates choking in circulatory system or blood flow due to injury, stress, infection or inflammation.

A Black tongue is an indication to quit smoking and drinking excess coffee.

A White coating on the tongue indicates yeast infection.


Like most parts of your body it has a knack of letting you know if there are any changes in it and your nails are no exception,Changes in the nails occasionally may signal a significant systemic disease. Nails often reflect our general state of health.

So, what does your nail say about your health?

That’s the normal color of healthy nails.

A sign of bacterial infection.

A warning of heart valve infection.

A sign of low oxygen levels in the blood.

A sign of vitamin deficiency.

A sign of liver disease such as hepatitis.

Skin Rash

Our bodies have many ways of tipping us off to what’s going on inside. Some are obvious, like a fever when we’re sick but other connections might be a little more complex to make.

Best Part is the signs and symptoms the skin shows us is visible to the eye.

So, what does your tongue say about your health?

This could be a symptom of Eczema

A periodic inflammatory skin condition which appears to be acne is Rosacea. Excessive sun exposure or skin products may trigger it.

When sweat accumulates due to humidity or tight clothes, it causes a heat rash.

This is a sign of reactivation of chickenpox virus causing Psoriasis that spreads over the skin.

This is a sign of drug or allergic reaction.


It’s something we all have in common and something we automatically do every single day.

But next time you empty your bladder, don’t be too hasty to hit the flush. Instead, by having a quick check of what colour your wee is, you can learn valuable lessons about your health.

So, what does the colour of your urine say about your health?

Relax. You’re absolutely normal.

Your body isn’t getting enough water. Drink some now.

You could have liver disease or severe dehydration. Drink water and consult a doctor.

Did you eat a lot of beet or blueberries recently? If not, you have blood in your urine. This could be a sign of acute kidney disease, tumor or urinary tract infection. See a doctor immediately.

A harmless hydraulic effect, if occasional. But could indicate kidney problem or excess protein in your diet. Visit a doctor if foaming continues.