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Complete Runners Diet Plan for Marathon

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Fuelling correctly for the run is the key to success!

Training and nutrition are the 2 most important parts to run a marathon, many of you spend hours in training …. but how many of you spend time for nutrition?

Your nutrition is your most crucial part of your marathon training, it is important that you have a good diet template to follow that helps you run the perfect marathon.

We have compiled a list of the best 10 Diet Tips that you MUST follow to run the perfect marathon

What you can do with this free Diet plan?

  • Keep a complete guide to follow a week before the event
  • Can act as a blueprint for each race you run!
  • Can help remind you of your goal – Get Healthy!

Find your best diet tip!

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These tips have helped a serial marathon runner

“ This is my 4th marathon and I was always under the impression that the more you stay hydrated during a marathon the better although not to a point till you are bloated! This one simple tip to monitor my fluid intake has helped me a ton this year! “

Suraj Prajapati

Introducing Fitness Ultima

Sports means immense physical exertion. It also takes toll on the sportsman’s health. With new sporting events emerging every year, one is challenged to push his or her physical boundaries. The understanding of individual biomechanics, strengths, weakness and fitness has become immensely crucial.

With Fitness Ultima we at Aspira have scientifically designed a health package to bridge this gap. This package is attuned to the various stage of training the athlete is in. By understanding your health requirements and catering to them timely, you can help prevent injuries and boost performance.