Headache after having pizza - Food Intolerance

Food Intolerance Test

A headache after having your favorite pizza?
You could be Food Intolerant !

Diagnosis plays a key factor in understanding what foods you could be intolerant to – A simple Food Intolerance Test would help you prevent recurring symptoms.

What is Food Intolerance?

It is an unhealthy and unpleasant reaction in the body on the consumption of a particular food or drink. Common symptoms are Headaches, bloating, Dizziness, Diarrhea, Vomiting, etc.

How is it different from Allergy?

The difference between a food allergy and Food Intolerance is the body’s response. When you have a food allergy, your immune system causes an immediate reaction. If you have a food intolerance, the reaction is triggered by the digestive system and can take upto 2-4 hours.

Introducing Aspira Wellena – Food Intolerance Test

This Food Intolerance test helps in the accurate detection of IgG antibodies to more than 200 varieties of foods in single testing using small quantities of blood sample.

Aspira Wellena Package Key Features:

  • 200+ Varieties of Food in single Test ✔️
  • FREE Home collection ✔️
  • FREE Diet Consultation ✔️

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What will my Food Intolerance Test tell me?

A simple our food Intolerance test will tell you how reactive your IgG antibodies are to 200+ foods commonly found in Indian diets.

Each food will be rated on a 3 categories:
Normal – Indicated in Green
Boderline (low reactivity) – Indicated in Yellow
Elevated (high reactivity) – Indicated in Red

Food Intolerance Test Categories

Hear it from Mumbaikars

Mumbai resident on Food Intolerance Test

“It is said that Ignorance is bliss, well. it’s actually not! I kept Ignoring the feeling of nausea after having coffee, I later decided to bite the bullet and get tested with Aspira wellena only to find out I’m Dairy Intolerant, the good thing is I now know what foods to avoid, the added on Totus package helped me get a Full body check-up aswell, quite a nice bundle.”

Deepak H – Mumbaikar resident

Mumbai Resident on Food Intolerance Test

“I didn’t even hear about food intolerance before, who associates headaches with food? Although, with it recurring everytime I had my meal, a friend suggested me about Aspira Wellena taking the Food Intolerance blood test has proved to be a blessing, with the free Diet consultation the package provides I can now monitor my diet as well know what Gluten-free foods I can have”

Shekhar Shinde – Mumbaikar Resident

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FREE Home Collection

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Free Diet Consultation - Food Intolerance Test

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