Are you really immunized after the 1st Measles and Rubella Vaccination shot?

Studies have shown that 10-20% of people do not get completely immunized even after taking the vaccination

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What is the Measles and Rubella & why is the vaccination important?

The Govt. of India is currently conducting a vaccination campaign in schools and giving the MR (Measles & Rubella) shots to children between the ages 9 months to 15 years within a short span of 1 month. This is to help control infection in the our nation.

Why children between 9 months to 15 years?
More than 90 percent disease burden is among this age group and hence this is the target age group for the MR vaccination campaign.

How do I get the assurance that this vaccination makes me immune from the Virus?
The IgG & IgM Biomarkers

You can now be completely assured about MR vaccination and how to be 100% protected from the infection