Aspira Diabetes 360

Persons with diabetes are prone for complications involving other organs of the body and should be routinely screening for it. This package provides screening and monitoring of kidney functions, electrolyte levels, lipid profiles, hematological testing apart from complete sugar monitoring (fasting, post prandial and long term sugar control indicators).

Aspira Diabetes 360
CBC/ESR | Glucose Fasting | Urine Microalbumin * | Insulin Fasting | Iron Studies Iron | TIBC | TS% | Lipid Profile | Thyroid Panel 1 Total | Liver Function Test - Mini | HbA1c Glycated Haemoglobin |
HsCRP - High Sensitivity CRP * | Aspira Vitae | Renal (Kidney) Function Tests -2 RFT Mini | Routine Examination Urine | Glucose PP

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