Aspira Totus+

Growing sedentary lifestyles, increasing stress levels at work place has given rise to a host for many lifestyle disorders. Master health check up Aspira Totus+ helps in the evaluation and detection of any disease at the earliest. A comprehensive set of customised full body health tests scans your body thoroughly and give you complete status. This check-up will give a complete assessment of the health status of the individual.

Aspira Totus+
Thyroid Panel 1 Total | HbA1c Glycated Haemoglobin | Glucose Fasting | Iron Studies Iron | TIBC | TS% | Ferritin | Biochemistry Totus Plus | Liver Function Test - Mini | Lipid Profile | CBC/ESR | Aspira Vitae | Routine Examination Urine | Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) HbsAg Surface antigen

Master health check up - Aspira Totus

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  • Aspira Totus+


    Fasting Required: 12+Hrs
    Parameters Covered: 80+
    Report Available : Same Day

    A comprehensive full body preventive health checkup that acts as a working mechanism to detect onset of diseases early in their origin.