Latest technology

Here is an overview of the technology we use at Aspira

Once you enter in lab first is:

  1. Our Bacteriology lab: All the samples processed here in Bio safety cabinet.
    It has three major instruments:

    • Vitek
    • BaCT/ ALERT
    • BD bactec FX
  2. Mycobacteriology/ TB room: It is designed as per international standards. Negative pressure and fresh air circulation is maintained in Ante TB and TB room. The major instrument in our TB room is the MGIT 960.
  3. Molecular biology: For this lab unidirectional workflow is maintained according to College of American Pathologist guidelines.It contains five rooms –
    • Reagent set up
    • Infectious extraction
    • Genomic DNA extraction room
    • Amplification room which is the most important room. It has the following instruments
      • GeneXpert
      • Biofire
      • Veritti; Conventional PCR system
      • ABI 7500; RT PCR system
    • Post PCR ROOM which is a vital cog in the internal workings at the lab includes
      • Gel based detection system
      • Automatic hybridization system; GT BLOT for Line probe assay