Neonatal panels

Newborn screening tests help to identify potentially treatable or manageable congenital disorders within days of birth. Life-threatening health problems, mental retardation, and serious lifelong disabilities can be avoided or minimized if a condition is quickly identified and treated. all newborns be screened for disorders like metabolic disorders(Phenylketonuria),endocrine disorders(Congenital hypothyroidism),hemoglobinopathies (Thalessemia), others(Cystic fibrosis)

Below are the screening tests included in this panel:

Blood Test – Most newborn screening is done with a blood test.Usually done within 1 week after the birth

Hearing Screening – This is important, as it identifies if the new born has any hearing loss. It is not painful and it can be performed even while the child is asleep. This test should be performed for all babies before they are 1 month old.

Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects (CCHD) – CCHD in newborns could lead to disability or even death. Thus, diagnosing them soon after birth is very important.