Our Capabilities

Pathology : Diagnosis of diseases based on physical parameters checked through clinical microbiology, hematology and molecular pathology.

ECG : Electro Cardio Gram or EKG shows the electrical activity of the heart which helps in depicting shortfalls or defects in the cardiac rhythm.

Sonology: Medical ultra sonography and other radiology related techniques which lead to efficient diagnoses

Digital X-ray : Digital X ray or Digital Radiography is more efficient than traditional Xray techniques as it saves time and the results are enhanced through digital transfer

Infertility : Detection of reproductive misalignments or absence of certain optimal conditions for reproduction.

Dental Care : Assistance in aiding dental health, oral hygiene and assistance in monitoring the required levels of bodily parameters before and after oral surgery.

Microbiology : Testing of bodily fluids for parameters of infectious diseases, diagnosis of which will provide timely knowledge of patient’s infectiousness and treatment plan

Molecular Biology : Testing of blood for ascertaining the factors linked to infectious disease, oncology and pharmacogenomics.