Test Overview – This test is done to determine an individual’s blood type which consists of antigens and Rh factor. It is essential for anyone looking to donate blood or accept a transfusion.

When is it recommended? – Anytime

Diagnostic ailment – Blood typing

Significance – This test helps identify which antigens (ABO) can be accepted by the body in case of a blood transfusion.

What does the test result mean? – The blood type consists of antigens and Rh factor.

The ABO blood groups are as follows:

Type A for presence of A antigen.

Type B for B antigen.

Type AB for both A and B antigens.

Type O for neither A nor B antigens.

Based on Rh factor:

Rh-positive: People with Rh antigens on their red blood cell surface are classified as positive.

Rh-negative: People without any Rh antigens are classified as a negative blood group.

Special Instructions – There are no special instructions in case of a blood group test.