Did you stumble upon another herbal recipe to prevent contracting COVID-19? Maybe a series of Dos and Don’ts over WhatsApp? The pandemic has seen many preachers circulating tips and tricks. But we, at Aspira Diagnostics, want to assure you stay educated with legitimate information.

Amidst this wave of panic and assumptions, let’s help you debunk some very common myths surrounding the COVID-19 virus.

Myth #1 – “Thermal Scanners can Detect COVID-19.”

Thermal scanners are merely a reliable way of detecting high body temperature, not the prevalence of COVID-19. Since fever is a primary symptom, these scanners are preventive measures undertaken by public services to indicate the presence of the symptom.

The only credible way to detect if you are a carrier is to take an authorised COVID-19 test. One such example is our specially designed Shanti Screening Test – a COVID-19 test in Mumbai to help individuals identify the condition at an early stage. This presumptive diagnostic test assures your family’s protection by offering diagnosis of early symptoms, their possible causes, and whether further testing is necessary.

However, if you are sick and want to run a blood test in Mumbai for non-COVID-19 diagnosis too, you can approach us without hesitation.

Myth #2 – “COVID-19 cannot Spread in a Warm and Sunny Environment.”

Numerous people have fallen for this misinformation. People in Mumbai especially assumed that the city’s weather would make it harder for the virus to thrive. The virus can most definitely survive temperatures higher than 25°C and its transmission is possible regardless of how sunny or warm it may be.

Well, now that COVID-19 is not seasonal, your precautions should not be either!

Myth #3 – “Consuming Hot Drinks and Alcohol can Prevent COVID-19.”

No drink or food item can prevent the contraction of COVID-19. Simply trusting self- assumed cures such as consuming warm water, herbal juices and garlic is equal to taking shots in the dark. In fact, the consumption of substances like alcohol will only prove detrimental to your health.

Sufficient hydration and intake of healthy, homemade food is crucial for boosting immunity, but do not mistake any food or drinks as proven remedies for COVID-19.

Myth #4 – “Using Disinfectants and Chlorine can Kill the Virus on My Body.”

Chlorine-based sprays and disinfectants are intended to sterilise surfaces, not one’s skin. Directly exposing your body to such substances can prove hazardous for your skin and cause irritations. If you’re looking to disinfect your skin, alcohol-based sanitisers are the simplest and most effective way to go.

Myth #5 – “The Symptoms are the Sole Indicators of having COVID-19.”

The virus could be manifesting in your body even before you recognise it. Keep in mind that the symptoms can take up to 14 days to develop. In fact, they are often mild symptoms; mild enough, that many end up ignoring them.

Asymptomatic cases, with no visible evidence of the virus, are a possibility too. In case you come in contact with an infected person or space and suspect any chances of transmission, feel free to take our Shanti Screening Test, which also helps detect asymptomatic cases.

All in all, testing, sanitising, and social isolation are the strongest weapons against coronavirus. With myths busted and beliefs challenged, we hope to combat this crisis head on, together. The right information coupled with awareness can go a long way in rekindling a healthy way of living for all.

So, stay safe and stay informed!