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Tel: 7208042200
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COVID-19 Antibody Test


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COVID-19 Antibody Test

This blood test helps in identifying individuals who have encountered the novel coronavirus and have developed protective antibodies against COVID-19.
  • Who should take the test – All Symptomatic & Asymptomatic individuals, Health care workers, Frontline workers, Immunocompromised individuals, individuals in containment zones
  • Home visit facility – Available
  • Lab timing – 8 am – 6 pm
  • Test report – The test report is available in 24 hours
  • What the test indicates –
    Reactive results
    If this test is reactive, it means protective antibodies are developed in the body.
    Non-Reactive results
    If this test is non-reactive, it means you likely never had a COVID-19 infection and that you weren’t exposed to the virus. However, a negative test result does not completely rule out the possibility of an infection.